Monday, June 8, 2015

The Bible Is The Word of God. We base our Faith on it. Why is man trying to change His Word into their word. At the end of the day someone dies and gives an account of life on earth. So why change things to suit ourselves? Life on earth is not forever... Think about it folks. I am not perfect, but boy I do not want Eternal damnation. Lets pray for ALL people the World Over.
Got to love the baby diaper commercials especially Huggies... so adorable.

What are your thoughts re TV info and other commercials.

What are your thoughts on TV Commercials??? `. I'm off Ocean Spray. My stomach turns to see those two guys standing in an ocean of cranberries or whatever. There gear looks unsanitary... ugh. South Africa: Arrest Those Who Abuse Children, Says Youngster South Africa: Arrest Those Who Abuse Children, Says Youngster

Monday, April 13, 2009

Gun control

Each day we hear of murder and several deaths a day due to someone owning a gun.
I'm under the impression that guns are owned to be used in self defense only at one's business or home, and/or when danger is imminent. What drives people to intentionally go out and kill their loved ones, friends or complete strangers? Where has familly, school, church, religion, love etc. failed, that would spur gun usage so irresponsibly? Are guns or other weapons really necessary? What happened to a good old fist fight, followed by a slap on the back or a handshake...then cooling off with a drink of some sort? I think we have lost our marbles and need to find peace. We have lived in fear too long. It is time to change our lives, which will influence, neighbours, communities, our states then hopefully the world?..or am I living in a dream world?

Pay back by bailed out companies.

It sure is a relief to note that companies and banks,who have received bailout money, are now making strides to pay back some of it. This will surely boost the economy again, giving hope where there was none and giving pessimists something to mull over. Ten banks have repaid bailout receipts and now Goldman Sachs, who has just reported a $1.66 billion net profit, will do the same. Hope sure does the soul good and eases tensions. Let's hope Goldman Sachs offers employment opportunities soon.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Going green

Michelle Obama has just started her new garden - her contribution to going green.  What advice for others who would like to do the same, but do not have an immense garden/yard?